Who pays for home health services?

     Medicare                                            Medicaid    

    Medicare Advantage                        Private Insurance

    Worker's Compensation                 Medicaid Managed Care Organizations

    Veterans Administration                Private Pay

 How much does Medicare pay under the home health care benefit?

    Medicare pays 100% of all covered home health visits; you pay $0.  Cooper Home Health bills Medicare directly. 

How soon can you start services?

    We start skilled services within 48 hours of receiving the order from the physician unless the client requests a later start date.  All other programs have specific eligibility and processing requirements that may require additional time.

What if I need help after business hours?

    Our business hours are 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.  Our phones are answered at all other times by a professional answering service who will contact the nurse on call.  We have professional staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Will using my home health benefit affect my coverage under Medicare?


Is Medicare home health a one time benefit?

    NO!  You may receive home health care when you need it, and it does not affect future use.  If you meet the criteria and need that benefit again you are entitled to receive it. 

How long does Medicare home health service last?

    Medicare will continue to pay for your home health services as long as you are eligible and your doctor says you still need these services. 

Do I get to pick my own agency?

    Yes!  Patients have the right to choose, and if you know of an agency you want to provide your care, you should inform your doctor.  If you are in the hospital you should let the discharge planner know which agency you have chosen, and that choice should be respected by your doctor, discharge planner or any referring agency.

How do I know if I qualify for home health care?

   Each program has different criteria for eligibility.  Our staff are familiar with each program and will be able to evaluate your situation and determine if you qualify for services.  Call us for further information.